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Predator Pest Solutions Pest Control London Sutton Surrey

Squirrel Pest Control & Advice

Predator Pest Solutions are specialists in treating squirrel nests. If you would like a free no obligation quote, please call us on 0800 112 3480 or fill in the form on the right.

Information on Squirrels

There are two species of squirrel in the UK, the red and the grey squirrel. The red squirrel is the native species, while the grey squirrel was introduced from North America between 1876 and 1929. Although part of the rodent family, squirrels are not normally considered pests and the red squirrel is actually a protected species under the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981.


The squirrel’s normal habitat is in woodland, copses and hedgerows, but the grey squirrel is now a familiar site in urban areas such as parks, gardens or anywhere where there are a number of trees. They feed on a wide range of foods which includes nuts, fruit buds, fungi, bird eggs and nestlings.

The easiest way to distinguish between red and grey squirrel’s is by comparing their size and obvious colour differential, with the grey squirrel being much larger. Both live for an average 6 years in the wild, with the females breeding twice a year. Their young are born blind, deaf and naked, and totally rely on their mother to survive.

Grey squirrels can happily live near humans and will gain access to a loft by climbing walls or jumping from nearby trees. They will cause significant problems if they enter your home as they can be extremely noisy and use their sharp incisor teeth and claws to rip up loft insulation to build their nest (Drey). They can also gnaw through a wide range of materials including wood, plastic and electrical cables, which can result in a significant risk of fire or electrocution.

Although squirrels are intelligent creatures, with a playful and inquisitive mind, they can become aggressive, especially when feeding, if they feel threatened or if their nest is approached. Therefore it is vital to actively control any squirrel infestation quickly.

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Squirrel Damage To Your Property

Squirrels can quickly contaminate the environment they live in with their urine, droppings and hairs. Their droppings can be spherical like a rabbits, or more elongated and resemble those of the rat. In addition squirrels can carry parasites and fleas which can also carry a number of infectious diseases.

To locate a squirrel’s nest, try to identify any roof space openings and be observant for any droppings or the source of any scratching noises. A squirrel’s nest in the loft is generally quite a large build up of materials, but they can also nest in tree tops or in hollows known as Dens. Although you should immediately check for access points to your property, no proofing work should be completed until all the squirrels have been removed.

Squirrel Pest Control

It is illegal to release grey squirrels back into the wild, so the most effective way to remove them is to install specialist spring traps, which will humanely dispatch them. These traps should be checked regularly, until all squirrel activity ceases. Once our technician confirms this, any proofing work can then be undertaken to prevent them returning.

In most situations it takes up to 60 minutes for our technician to complete their risk assessment, the required treatment, and to brief the customer on the actions taken and next steps, but this can be extended if the squirrels are in numerous areas or other hazardous conditions exist.

If you have a squirrel infestation:

  • Identify any access points to your property.
  • The use of moth balls or ultrasonic noise emitters can help.
  • Prune any trees that are overhanging your property.
  • Keep your garden and any outbuilding’s free from debris and food waste.
  • Avoid overfeeding wild birds or animals and regularly clear up any uneaten food.
  • Call Predator Pest Solutions on Freephone 0800 112 3480.
  • Complete any building repairs once the squirrels have been removed.

On arrival, our technician will:

  • Establish the location and size of the squirrel infestation.
  • Determine the most appropriate method for access and treatment.
  • Brief the customer on their findings and recommended next steps.
  • Ensure the safety of others.
  • Wear their protective equipment and commence with the treatment.
  • Determine the correct and optimum locations for any traps and deploy these with minimum impact to the customer.
  • If required, implement a regular monitoring regime and maintain a site plan of the bait or trap locations.
  • Make arrangements to complete any requested proofing of the property.
  • Ensure the area is left safe and provide a written report.
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Predator Pest Solutions Pest Control London Sutton Surrey
Predator Pest Solutions Pest Control London Sutton Surrey
Predator Pest Solutions Pest Control London Sutton Surrey
Predator Pest Solutions Pest Control London Sutton Surrey
Predator Pest Solutions Pest Control London Sutton Surrey
Predator Pest Solutions Pest Control London Sutton Surrey
Predator Pest Solutions Pest Control London Sutton Surrey
Predator Pest Solutions Pest Control London Sutton Surrey
Predator Pest Solutions Pest Control London Sutton Surrey
Predator Pest Solutions Pest Control London Sutton Surrey
Predator Pest Solutions Pest Control London Sutton Surrey
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