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Predator Pest Solutions Pest Control London Sutton Surrey

Rat Infestation Pest Control & Advice

Predator Pest Solutions are specialists in treating rat infestations. If you would like a free no obligation quote, please call us on 0800 112 3480 or fill in the form on the right.

Information On Rats

The two most common UK species of rat are the Black and Norwegian Brown rat, with the easiest way to distinguish them from mice being by comparing their size, as the adult rat is much larger. They are heavily built with small ears, eyes and a long tail, have a keen sense of smell and live in groups with a clearly defined social hierarchy.


Rats are well adapted to living around humans and in our homes.  As they are opportunistic feeders they can eat almost anything, making it is easy for them to feed off our discarded waste and rubbish. In fact, they are so good at living with humans, that it is thought there are just as many rats living in an average city as people. They are intelligent and can be domesticated, as they can be trained to be friendly and perform tricks. However, if threatened, their food/water becomes scarce or their environment becomes overcrowded, they can become aggressive and attack.

Rat Nests & Risks

Rats can live in almost any available space, crawling through small holes or cracks, to live and breed under floors, in cavity walls, lofts, outbuildings, sewers and drains. They also burrow beneath external structures such as decking, tree roots and walls and because they have very hard incisor teeth, they can cause expensive damage to your property. If they chew through electrical wiring they can create an increased risk of fire or electrocution.

Predator Pics 099 Small Web viewIt is important to actively control any rat infestation, as they will breed incessantly throughout the year and multiply in numbers very quickly. In restaurants or other food premises, contamination of food for human consumption will result in a failure to comply with the hygiene requirements as set out in the food safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 2004 and other legislation.

To locate a rat nest, try to identify the burrow openings, the source of any scratching noises, or look for any rat runs in grass or other low lying vegetation. You may also be able to trace them by their droppings or distinctive musky smell, which is particularly noticeable when you first enter a property.

Rats can carry a number of infectious diseases, which can be passed to humans and animals, normally by the contamination of food or surfaces by their urine, droppings, hairs and/or the parasites that can live on their bodies. One of the most serious diseases is ‘Leptospirosis’, which can lead to ‘Wells Disease’ and be deadly to humans.

Rat Pest Control

If you have a rat infestation there are numerous over the counter poisons and a variety of traps you can buy. If you choose to use these, then always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.  However, in our experience these options can be ineffective and due to the time wasted, result in the infestation increasing in size, more damage to your property and be an additional cost in getting the infestation under control and eradicated.

Treatment is normally by the use of HSE approved Rodenticide baits, gels and/or traps, applied to bait stations in and around the affected areas.

In most situations it normally takes up to 60 minutes for our technician to complete their risk assessment, the required treatment and to brief the customer on the actions taken and next steps, but this can be extended if the infestation is in numerous areas or other hazardous conditions exist.

Once completed the rat activity should start to reduce after a few days, but our technician will need to return after 7-14 days to confirm this and complete any required proofing. Some rat infestations especially those in commercial or multi-occupancy buildings may require additional visits to a property to control or eradicate all activity.

If you have a rat infestation:

  • Check air bricks and ventilation grills are in place and intact, but do not block them.
  • Check drain covers and grills are in place and intact.
  • Block any access points around gas, electricity, water, heating and extraction pipe work.
  • Check all external doors fit tightly in their frame.
  • Restrict food sources by storing food within rigid containers.
  • Sweep up food spillages immediately and don’t leave uncovered food lying around.
  • Regularly clean under kitchen units, appliances and in any other areas where food debris and grease can build.
  • Regularly remove rubbish and place in strong bags within a secure external bin.
  • Keep your garden and any outbuilding’s free from debris and food waste.
  • Store pet food sensibly and securely.
  • Do not compost meat, fish, bones or bread.
  • Avoid overfeeding wild birds or animals and regularly clear up any uneaten food.
  • Call Predator Pest Solutions on Freephone 0800 112 3480.

On arrival, our technician will:

  • Establish the species, location and size of the rat infestation.
  • Identify their harbourages, routes being used and food sources.
  • Determine the most appropriate method for access and treatment.
  • Brief the customer on their findings and recommended next steps.
  • Ensure the safety of others & protect any food preparation areas.
  • Wear their protective equipment and commence with the treatment.
  • Determine the correct and optimum locations for any baits or traps and deploy these with minimum impact to the customer.
  • Complete any requested proofing of the property.
  • If required, implement a regular monitoring regime and maintain a site plan of the bait or trap locations.
  • Ensure the area is left safe and provide a written report.
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Predator Pest Solutions Pest Control London Sutton Surrey
Predator Pest Solutions Pest Control London Sutton Surrey
Predator Pest Solutions Pest Control London Sutton Surrey
Predator Pest Solutions Pest Control London Sutton Surrey
Predator Pest Solutions Pest Control London Sutton Surrey
Predator Pest Solutions Pest Control London Sutton Surrey
Predator Pest Solutions Pest Control London Sutton Surrey
Predator Pest Solutions Pest Control London Sutton Surrey
Predator Pest Solutions Pest Control London Sutton Surrey
Predator Pest Solutions Pest Control London Sutton Surrey
Predator Pest Solutions Pest Control London Sutton Surrey
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